Sunday, December 18th, 2005
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CRN Canada is a member of the global CRN family, and our readers value us for our 20 years of experience following the most dynamic industry in the world. For the insight we bring in scrutinizing every event, explaining what it means to their business. Our readers turn to us because we are the most influential newsweekly in the industry and because we are their staunchest ally, expertly advocating their interests and pushing forward their agenda in print, on the web and through research and events.

By partnering with CRN, you reach out to a group of technology drivers who set the agenda for the industry and can help you reach new markets and achieve opportunities you never knew existed. Partner with CRN and get the most efficient means of communicating to more than 750,000 businesses that purchase nearly $35 billion worth of IT products and services. Make it simple: Connect your business with CRN.

  John W. Kerr  
  Publisher, CRN Canada  



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