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January 2006

  2006-01-12 Intel helping Apple developers  
  2006-01-12 Novell debuts in Software Leaderboard  
  2006-01-12 Psion Teklogix welcomes AbeTech to partner program  
  2006-01-11 Cisco enhances Career Certifications program  
  2006-01-11 EMC expands Velocity umbrella  
  2006-01-11 Novell contributes AppArmor code  
  2006-01-10 Adobe acquires FileLine Digital Rights Management  
  2006-01-10 CyberMatrix releases Project Clock version 8  
  2006-01-10 Microsoft Partner Program named #1 by IDC  
  2006-01-10 Symantec identifies new Microsoft vulnerabilities as critical  
  2006-01-10 Turning Technologies Canada established  
  2006-01-09 EMC acquires Internosis  
  2006-01-09 Fluke Networks CA certified  
  2006-01-09 Lenovo unveils two new ThinkPad models  
  2006-01-09 Sage releases Simply Accounting Entrepreneur in Canada  
  2006-01-08 Intel announces two new platforms  
  2006-01-08 NCR to apply RFID tags to products  
  2006-01-08 Samsung launches four new products  
  2006-01-08 SanDisk unveils flash drive enhancements  
  2006-01-08 Sybase named leader in MDM market  
  2006-01-08 Verizon to sell SanDisk's flash memory cards  
  2006-01-04 Fuji unveils new cameras  
  2006-01-04 MatrixStream to demonstrate Video on Demand and IPTV Set Top Box  
  2006-01-04 Novell achieves SCP certification  
  2006-01-04 Novell talks up Linux project  
  2006-01-04 Twinhead now offering DURABOOKs to VARs in Canada  
  2006-01-03 Adobe introduces new Flash technologies  
  2006-01-03 Intel unveils new brand identity  
  2006-01-03 Spotwave Wireless unveils Zen  
  2006-01-03 Symantec raises ThreatCon for Microsoft vulnerability  
  2006-01-03 WinMagic software bundled with Toshiba laptops in Japan  

December 2005

  2005-12-26 CyberMatrix Class Scheduler version 5 unveiled  
  2005-12-26 Seagate to acquire Maxtor  
  2005-12-26 Toshiba introduces security camera  
  2005-12-26 Userful releases DiscoverStation 4.0  
  2005-12-21 IBM acquires Bowstreet  
  2005-12-21 IBM to acquire Micromuse  
  2005-12-21 Microsoft Dynamics SL 6.5 now available  
  2005-12-21 Oracle successfully delivered in 2005  
  2005-12-20 Bell Microproducts Canada now offering Pillar Data Systems  
  2005-12-20 LastMile names new director of marketing  
  2005-12-19 Digonex releases eBay desktop application  
  2005-12-19 Paul Bay to leave Ingram Micro  
  2005-12-19 Primera releases PTDevSuite SDK  
  2005-12-19 iAnywhere launches updated XTNDConnect software  
  2005-12-18 Avaya and Polycom team up  
  2005-12-18 Epson launches Canadian Knoware University  
  2005-12-18 IBM taps boom in Linux growth  
  2005-12-18 Intel and BMW announce partnership  
  2005-12-18 Steps to help online shoppers avoid fraud  
  2005-12-16 Microsoft awarded certification from NIAP  
  2005-12-16 VMware Player with Mozilla Browser Appliance now available  
  2005-12-14 Citrix releases Access Suite 4.2  
  2005-12-14 Microsoft releases Exchange "12" Beta 1 to testers  
  2005-12-14 Symantec and Linksys team up  
  2005-12-13 3Com enhances channel program  
  2005-12-13 Canon welcomes iDS to authorized dealer network  
  2005-12-13 Cisco introduces NAPA solution  
  2005-12-13 Fortiva unveils referral partner program  
  2005-12-13 Novell is 'open for growth' at BrainShare Global 2006  
  2005-12-12 Microsoft veteran Frank Clegg joins Navantis  
  2005-12-12 Mitel introduces LLDP-MED  
  2005-12-12 Symantec releases Critical System Protection 5.0  
  2005-12-11 Cisco demonstrates Fixed-Mobile Convergence  
  2005-12-11 FIFA draws on Avaya  
  2005-12-11 Nortel appoints new Global Supply Chain and Quality leader  
  2005-12-09 Fusepoint and Akamai announce agreement  
  2005-12-09 The benefits of reducing Canada's software piracy  
  2005-12-07 AOL/NCSA online safety study results  
  2005-12-07 Application Networking Services to become Cisco's next advanced technology  
  2005-12-07 Nortel to build first WiMax network in Canada  
  2005-12-07 SAP announces partner-developed solutions  
  2005-12-07 WinMagic introduces latest encryption software  
  2005-12-06 Cisco makes IP NGN progress  
  2005-12-06 MGE UPS SYSTEMS wins company of the year  
  2005-12-06 SAP unveils Industry Value Network for Banks  
  2005-12-06 Windows Server 2003 R2 released to manufacturing  
  2005-12-06 iAnywhere's latest M-Business Anywhere now available  
  2005-12-05 Adobe unveils new product bundles  
  2005-12-05 BitDefender gets channel vet for Canada  
  2005-12-05 IBM extends support of open standards in India  
  2005-12-05 Novell announces Identity Manager 3  
  2005-12-05 Sage releases Sage Accpac ERP with Nitix  
  2005-12-03 Acer #1 in Canadian LCD market  
  2005-12-03 Fluke to purchase Visual Networks  
  2005-12-03 IBM self-healing software tackles IT complexity  
  2005-12-03 Kasten Chase announces Assurency Keystone  
  2005-12-03 Microsoft launches lawsuits against seven Ontario resellers  
  2005-12-03 Novell announces results for fiscal year 2005  
  2005-12-01 James Gosling to lead Sun Tech Days in Toronto  
  2005-12-01 Microsoft releases partner projects  
  2005-12-01 Symantec releases November security update  

November 2005

  2005-11-30 Acer America #1 in Canada for notebook PCs  
  2005-11-30 EMC announces Connectrix MDS-9020  
  2005-11-30 Former Microsoft director Mark Chestnut joins Laplink  
  2005-11-30 Hitachi unveils four new LCD projectors  
  2005-11-30 Sage reports record year in 2005  
  2005-11-30 Symbol and Avaya team up  
  2005-11-30 VMware Workstation 5.5 now available  
  2005-11-29 Best and worst online shopping experiences  
  2005-11-29 Borderware announces latest SteelGate Firewall  
  2005-11-29 CyberMatrix's Employee Scheduler  
  2005-11-29 Fluke OptiView Series II now offers VoIP  
  2005-11-29 Symantec unveils VERITAS Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator 6.0  
  2005-11-27 01 Communique's I'm InTouch CSE  
  2005-11-27 Intuit Canada hires 158; releases QuickBooks 2006  
  2005-11-23 IBM grows lead as the world’s #1 server vendor  
  2005-11-23 New research board to promote Alberta's expertise  
  2005-11-23 Tech Data reports fiscal 2006 3Q results  
  2005-11-22 IBM announces Workplace Forms  
  2005-11-22 Intrinsyc unveils J-Integra Espresso 1.1  
  2005-11-22 Novell appoints executive vice president and chief technology officer  
  2005-11-22 Sage launches new branding initiative  
  2005-11-22 Siemens and EMC team up  
  2005-11-21 BitDefender testers find bugs for beer  
  2005-11-21 CommonTime releases MNotes 4.1  
  2005-11-21 McAfee rated number one in comparative test  
  2005-11-21 Symantec secures IP-based ATMs  
  2005-11-21 Xerox plans to capture growth opportunities  
  2005-11-20 Avaya extends lead in IP telephony revenues  
  2005-11-20 Fujitsu releases the LifeBook C1320D  
  2005-11-20 Lenovo hangs on to number one notebook ranking  
  2005-11-20 Online intrusion and data privacy roundtable  
  2005-11-20 Tech Data launches new Storage and Server Business Unit  
  2005-11-20 Virgin Mobile selects Ingram Micro  
  2005-11-17 Cisco reaches number one in voice market  
  2005-11-17 Microsoft unveils Dynamics GP 9.0  
  2005-11-17 Symantec teams with HP  
  2005-11-17 TalkSwitch selects White Radio  
  2005-11-17 WinMagic announces project with US Dept. of State  
  2005-11-16 Microsoft debuts new products and solutions at IT forum  
  2005-11-15 Bill Gates shares Microsoft’s vision  
  2005-11-15 CA plays up partner angle  
  2005-11-15 Cisco launches new era for networking  
  2005-11-15 IBM continues global supercomputing lead  
  2005-11-15 Sage BusinessVision 7.0 now available in US  
  2005-11-14 Cisco eases use of InfiniBand HPC Clusters  
  2005-11-14 EMC and Unisys continue to collaborate  
  2005-11-14 SGI launches new flagship Altix 4000 Platform  
  2005-11-14 TANDBERG teams with Cisco on advanced collaborative care solution  
  2005-11-13 24 carriers world-wide for Intel-based WiMAX  
  2005-11-13 Cisco delivers Triple Play services  
  2005-11-13 HP helps businesses reduce printing complexity and cost  
  2005-11-13 Sage's Simply Accounting 2006 hits Canada  
  2005-11-13 SilverBlaze announces CAPRICORN 2.6  
  2005-11-09 CA and Nexio partner to provide IT service  
  2005-11-09 Companies announce support for Canadian researchers  
  2005-11-09 HP unveils Application Modernization Services  
  2005-11-09 Tech Data Canada's 2006 marketing initiatives  
  2005-11-08 Intellisync and Novell announce collaboration  
  2005-11-08 J.D. Power releases wireless customer satisfaction study  
  2005-11-08 Organizations align behind OPERA  
  2005-11-08 Scotia Plaza goes wireless with Bell Canada  
  2005-11-08 iAnywhere launches Advantage Database Server 8.0  
  2005-11-07 McAfee's beta availability of Policy Enforcer  
  2005-11-07 Microsoft’s on the launch pad again  
  2005-11-07 Oracle pledges support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005  
  2005-11-07 Sage launches ACCPAC HR Series 6.5  
  2005-11-07 Symantec bolsters Microsoft SQL Server 2005  
  2005-11-06 MicroSurvey uses Two Technologies’ JETT.ce  
  2005-11-06 Winternals’ Russinovich discovers hidden DRM software in Sony CDs  
  2005-11-03 LG Electronics and Nortel form joint venture  
  2005-11-03 Microsoft launches TechNet Canada Innovation Awards  
  2005-11-03 Primera introduces OptiVault  
  2005-11-03 Symantec releases October security update  
  2005-11-02 CIPA awards presented  
  2005-11-02 HP to eliminate brominated flame retardants  
  2005-11-02 IBM acquires the business of iPhrase Systems  
  2005-11-02 Novell promotes Ronald W. Hovsepian to president and COO  
  2005-11-02 U of T first to install Bell’s emergency communications system  
  2005-11-01 ATEN’s new video expansion solutions  
  2005-11-01 HP introduces UNIX blade solution  
  2005-11-01 Nikon announces new products  
  2005-11-01 Oracle launches new Enterprise Manager Partner offering  
  2005-11-01 Raritan unveils new switches  

October 2005

  2005-10-31 Dispute settled over Nortel leadership  
  2005-10-31 HP ships storage management software  
  2005-10-31 McAfee Foundstone enhances product portfolio  
  2005-10-31 Signate to use Sangoma’s card  
  2005-10-31 Symantec builds on e-mail security and availability solutions  
  2005-10-30 Cisco Networking Academy expands  
  2005-10-30 Lexmark unveils new printers for SMB  
  2005-10-30 Maxell introduces Holographic media  
  2005-10-30 Sangoma launches A104d Series of cards  
  2005-10-30 Symbol strengthens customer programs  
  2005-10-30 Vonage Canada and VTech introduce the IP8100-2  
  2005-10-26 ATEN's two new switches  
  2005-10-26 Alcatel and Sun sign cooperation agreement  
  2005-10-26 Canada has yet to embrace PC as part of home entertainment system  
  2005-10-26 McAfee and Gateway announce agreement  
  2005-10-26 SaskTel achieves Silver Certification from Cisco  
  2005-10-25 Cisco extends storage switch portfolio  
  2005-10-25 IBM announces new software and support  
  2005-10-25 Silicon unveils two new products  
  2005-10-25 TTX Canada teams up with AOC  
  2005-10-25 TalkSwitch launches VAR training series  
  2005-10-24 Cisco demonstrates new technology  
  2005-10-24 IBM's new open software standards  
  2005-10-24 Murray Wright named president and GM of Lenovo Canada  
  2005-10-24 Nemx launches SecurExchange Version 2.0  
  2005-10-24 VMware announces a free player  
  2005-10-23 EMC names new Chairman; will acquire Captiva  
  2005-10-23 Epson launches two new projectors  
  2005-10-23 Fujitsu announces XP on LifeBook P1510D  
  2005-10-23 FusionWare acquires Pacific Software  
  2005-10-23 IBM teams up with VMware and Citrix  
  2005-10-20 EMC adds to Connectrix family  
  2005-10-20 Microsoft releases Exchange Server 2003 SP2  
  2005-10-20 Oki introduces two new colour MFPs  
  2005-10-20 Psion Teklogix and Venture Research join forces  
  2005-10-20 Raritan unveils latest CommandCenter  
  2005-10-19 Cisco expands NAC framework  
  2005-10-19 IBM acquires DataPower  
  2005-10-19 Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 R2 RC1 available  
  2005-10-19 iAnywhere launches beta of AvantGo for RSS  
  2005-10-18 Channel Sources to deliver Xandros products  
  2005-10-18 Epson debuts two new photo printers  
  2005-10-18 HP shows off colour focus  
  2005-10-18 HP teams up with Rogers for Mobile Messenger  
  2005-10-18 Lenovo thinks easy with new desktop line  
  2005-10-18 Mustek announces new personal media center  
  2005-10-18 New services, data centre products for VMware  
  2005-10-17 Microsoft hits the road  
  2005-10-17 Nortel names new CEO  
  2005-10-17 Opalis releases Integration Server 5.0  
  2005-10-16 EtherScope Network Assistant adds wireless  
  2005-10-16 Fujitsu introduces new convertible notebook  
  2005-10-16 HP announces battery recall  
  2005-10-16 Oki Data Americas reveal C9600/9800 Series printers  
  2005-10-16 Rogers teams with Ericsson on trials  
  2005-10-16 Samsung's two new printers  
  2005-10-16 SanDisk is bringing its U3-enabled USB smart drive to Canada in December  
  2005-10-13 HP’s new Intel-powered servers  
  2005-10-13 Hyperion System 9 unveiled  
  2005-10-12 IBM donates software blueprints  
  2005-10-12 New subscription option for BladeChassis  
  2005-10-12 Palm Canada's new handhelds  
  2005-10-12 SAP unleashes 28 new Best Practices  
  2005-10-12 Samsung speaks up on audio  
  2005-10-11 Epson upgrades projector line  
  2005-10-11 Gentek and Panda partner up  
  2005-10-11 Microsoft announces virtualization strategy  
  2005-10-11 Searching for a Better Desktop  
  2005-10-11 Symantec: certifiably secure  
  2005-10-10 Changes at Symantec  
  2005-10-10 Citrix expands security for SMBs  
  2005-10-10 Intel's dual-core charge  
  2005-10-10 Macromedia builds on tools  
  2005-10-10 Oracle ships first TimesTen release  
  2005-10-10 Xerox expands lineup  
  2005-10-05 IBM Offers up Power5 dual-core servers for SMB  
  2005-10-05 Kaspersky says it's fixed AV flaw  
  2005-10-05 Lexmark cuts Q3 profit forecast  
  2005-10-05 Netscape scores browser deal with HP  
  2005-10-05 Symantec to buy compliance vendor  
  2005-10-03 EMC simplifies e-mail storage management for MES  
  2005-10-02 CTIA examines enterprise security  
  2005-10-02 Imation plugs disks into tape libraries  
  2005-10-02 Nortel will reorganize product groups  
  2005-10-02 Pioneer joins Zend  
  2005-10-02 Unattended PCs security risk underestimated  
  2005-10-02 Win for whitebooks  

September 2005

  2005-09-28 AMD launches 3 dual-core chips  
  2005-09-28 Coming in 2006: the first "trusted" Linux  
  2005-09-28 HP expands ProCurve line  
  2005-09-28 Next-gen BlackBerry to run on Intel  
  2005-09-28 StarOffice 8 ships  
  2005-09-28 Symantec updates SB, personal security software  
  2005-09-25 Ellison meets the press  
  2005-09-25 New mobile virus also aims at PCs  
  2005-09-25 PalmSource reports declining revenue  
  2005-09-25 VMware to debut next-gen products  
  2005-09-25 Web metrics firm caught in MSN controversy  
  2005-09-21 Cisco beefs up SMB product, tools portfolio  
  2005-09-21 Microsoft announces major reorganization  
  2005-09-21 Opera shoots for #2  
  2005-09-21 Refresh coming for IE 7 beta  
  2005-09-21 Security efforts bearing fruit: MS  
  2005-09-21 Symantec details security threats  
  2005-09-18 1 in 6 spyware apps tries to steal identities  
  2005-09-18 Gartner foresees Office 12 headaches  
  2005-09-18 Oracle to unveil new apps  
  2005-09-18 RIM hit with patent infingement suit  
  2005-09-18 Wait and see: Symantec's Bloom  
  2005-09-15 Cognos' big BI step  
  2005-09-15 IBM brings partners along in SOA drive  
  2005-09-15 MS partners shouldn't fret about managed services plan  
  2005-09-15 Microsoft debuts Expressions, VSTA  
  2005-09-15 Sun upgrades storage offerings  
  2005-09-15 VTN hunts for right VARs  
  2005-09-11 Cerf expands on decision to join Google  
  2005-09-11 HP vet Platt passes away  
  2005-09-11 Japanese vendor to buy PalmSource  
  2005-09-11 Vista, Office 12 key at PDC  
  2005-09-08 Borland launches JBuilder 2006  
  2005-09-08 CA intros protection suite  
  2005-09-08 Gates sketches software strategy  
  2005-09-08 Microsoft plans Centro  
  2005-09-08 SuSE Linux set for October  
  2005-09-07 Kyocera Mita teams up with Ingram Micro Canada  
  2005-09-05 Sun to unify storage  
  2005-09-05 Adobe extends LiveCycle line  
  2005-09-05 64-bit Windows hyped as Unix alternative  
  2005-09-05 CA rolls out SAML  
  2005-09-05 More cost comparisons for Linux  
  2005-09-05 Microsoft ready to chat up Office 12  
  2005-09-01 Cisco's Goodwin on channel changes  
  2005-09-01 Cost savings lead outsourcing push  
  2005-09-01 3Com extends VoIP apps  
  2005-09-01 HP lowers barriers to OpenView  
  2005-09-01 Servers up for 9th consecutive quarter  

August 2005

  2005-08-28 Adobe, Macromedia merger gets go-ahead  
  2005-08-28 Brown leaves Citrix  
  2005-08-28 HP plans stock repurchase  
  2005-08-28 Zotob may be modified for XP  
  2005-08-28 Intuit launches QuickBooks 2006  
  2005-08-24 IBM rolls out Attach, vertical-market tools for VARs  
  2005-08-24 IBM queues up Workplace Designer, Notes  
  2005-08-24 Intel, Cisco team on VoIP, WiFi  
  2005-08-24 HP credits channel for strong Q2  
  2005-08-24 Gartner ups PC shipment forecast  
  2005-08-21 Intel acclerates Xeon roadmap  
  2005-08-21 Nexsan targets EMC with storage security appliance  
  2005-08-21 Adobe patches Reader, Acrobat flaws  
  2005-08-21 MS releases Zotob cleaning tool  
  2005-08-21 IE bug gives attackers control  
  2005-08-21 Intel to detail low-watt, high-performance plan  
  2005-08-17 Cognos CEO chats up channel's importance  
  2005-08-17 AMD hires IBM vet to lead chip design  
  2005-08-17 PC, enterprise fuel HP growth  
  2005-08-17 Apple releases megafix for Mac OS X  
  2005-08-17 Sun delays StarOffice 8 until September  
  2005-08-17 Seagate introduces new SATA drives  
  2005-08-14 Mac OSX for Intel hacked for PCs  
  2005-08-14 New keylogger steals passwords from IE  
  2005-08-14 HP to upgrade arrays  
  2005-08-14 Linux stirs interest at server level  
  2005-08-14 Gilroy to leave HP  
  2005-08-10 Sun to resell VMware  
  2005-08-10 Symantec details new combo  
  2005-08-10 Cisco posts 11 per cent sales gain  
  2005-08-10 Microsoft lures Lotus stars  
  2005-08-10 Virtualization big at LinuxWorld  
  2005-08-10 Linksys gets channel chief from Cisco  
  2005-08-07 Xerox to share tool with channel  
  2005-08-07 Microsoft gives away 30 SharePoint apps  
  2005-08-07 Six MS patches on slate for Tuesday  
  2005-08-07 Heystee takes Novell's NA reigns  
  2005-08-07 Symbol reaffirms channel commitment despite CEO loss  
  2005-08-04 New Windows era starts to unfold  
  2005-08-04 EMC refreshes Clariion  
  2005-08-04 IBM to acquire DWL  
  2005-08-04 IBM targets SOAs  
  2005-08-04 McAfee offers free trial  
  2005-08-01 Citrix updates certifications  
  2005-08-01 Oracle Lags In Fixing Product Vulnerabilities, German Security Firm Says  
  2005-08-01 Virus writer targets AV vendors  
  2005-08-01 Symantec lowers projections  
  2005-08-01 McAfee credits SMB for rise  

July 2005

  2005-07-28 Symantec: SQL Server port under heavy scanning  
  2005-07-28 Tablet PCs headed for broader use  
  2005-07-28 Hackers looking for AV vulnerabilities  
  2005-07-28 Hold back on Vista testing: Gartner  
  2005-07-28 Microsoft releases Vista beta 1  
  2005-07-24 Backup Vendors Target VARs For Continuous Data Protection Appliances  
  2005-07-24 Intel spins last single-core Itaniums  
  2005-07-24 Security Sizzles On Hot Products List  
  2005-07-20 QLogic looks at SMBs for SAN Express  
  2005-07-20 IBM bounces back  
  2005-07-20 Exec changes afoot at IBM  
  2005-07-20 Trojan attacks Windows vulnerability  
  2005-07-20 HP to focus on loyal VARs  
  2005-07-17 PalmOne Becomes Palm, Again  
  2005-07-17 Attackers Could Eavesdrop On Cisco-Routed VoIP Calls  
  2005-07-17 Office 12 Comes Together  
  2005-07-17 HP Channel Exec Reaffirms Channel Commitment Amid Reports of Restructuring  
  2005-07-17 HP uncorks new printing technology  
  2005-07-17 Apple updates Tiger  
  2005-07-13 IBM jumps on blogging bandwagon  
  2005-07-13 Microsoft issues security bulletins  
  2005-07-10 HP, Microsoft team on PartnerReach  
  2005-07-10 Borland CEO resigns  
  2005-07-10 WWPC: Microsoft extends competitive sales tool  
  2005-07-10 WWPC: Microsoft defends plan to productize services  
  2005-07-10 WWPC: Microsoft rallies partners around midmarket server  
  2005-07-10 WWPC: Microsoft turns up heat on Oracle, IBM  
  2005-07-06 Avaya upgrades contact centre suite  
  2005-07-06 AnyWare signs U.S. reseller  
  2005-07-06 Download available for IE bug  
  2005-07-06 Symantec, Veritas complete merger  
  2005-07-06 Trend Micro extends security to IM  
  2005-07-05 Microsoft Renames CRM Next, Adds Hosted Licensing Option  
  2005-07-05 Corel plans to get acquisitive  
  2005-07-03 BMC denies new layoffs  
  2005-07-03 New Trojan cuts off PCs from security update sites  
  2005-07-03 New modeling tools narrow the developer-business user gap  
  2005-07-03 AMD explains Intel antitrust suit  

June 2005

  2005-06-30 Microsoft launches telecom partnership plan  
  2005-06-30 RIM heralds workaround  
  2005-06-30 Corel tabs IBM vet for CEO role  
  2005-06-30 RIM to offer Smart Card security  
  2005-06-28 HP implementing rules to ease conflict  
  2005-06-28 Symantec, Veritas merger almost done  
  2005-06-28 Sony sees channel changes  
  2005-06-28 Nortel pushes partners towards VoIP  
  2005-06-28 Sun, IBM forge Java, WebSphere pacts  
  2005-06-22 SCO makes its pitch with OpenServer 6  
  2005-06-22 SAP raids competitors for talent  
  2005-06-22 Microsoft won't patch IE spoofing bug  
  2005-06-22 Cittio upgrades MSP platform  
  2005-06-19 Windows 2000 still dominates enterprises  
  2005-06-19 HP splits PSG, IPG  
  2005-06-19 JBoss launches new partner program  
  2005-06-19 IBM readies AMD server blades  
  2005-06-15 Oracle shuffles N.A. sales force  
  2005-06-15 New Nortel execs exit  
  2005-06-15 OpenSolaris to benefit partners  
  2005-06-15 RIM, Avaya team on VoIP  
  2005-06-15 Researchers stymied by MS vulnerability  
  2005-06-13 HP CEO makes inroads  
  2005-06-13 Intel boosts Q2 forecast  
  2005-06-13 CA's evolving channel strategy  
  2005-06-13 Corel simplifies licensing for higher education  
  2005-06-13 RSS to carry spyware by end of year  
  2005-06-08 Fusepoint hires new president/CEO  
  2005-06-08 3Com adds new product families  
  2005-06-08 HP's ProCurve adds switch, upgrades  
  2005-06-08 Oracle releases new identity management offering  
  2005-06-08 Cisco changes channel chiefs  
  2005-06-08 Viruses top Canadian concerns  
  2005-06-06 Office 12 to extend XML support  
  2005-06-06 Linux adoption stalls, study says  
  2005-06-06 Intel preps dual core mobile platform  
  2005-06-06 Cisco launces new SSL VPN  

May 2005

  2005-05-27 McAfee beats Q1 expectations  
  2005-05-27 IBM adds XML to developers' toolkit  

April 2005

  2005-04-25 Trend Micro jumps in Q1  
  2005-04-25 EMC, Veritas battle for storage lead  
  2005-04-19 RIM partners up on BlackBerry  
  2005-04-19 Kyocera Mita launches new printers  
  2005-04-19 Ingram Micro plots outsourcing path, announces layoffs  
  2005-04-19 Pricing set on rural wireless network  

March 2005

  2005-03-09 EMJ to host cross-country seminars  
  2005-03-09 Linux empowering economic development  
  2005-03-09 Where does Linux fit for SMBs?  

February 2005

  2005-02-18 McAfee says corporations unaware of regulations  
  2005-02-18 Bell Canada introduces security solutions group  
  2005-02-18 Avnet launches CRM program for partners  
  2005-02-18 Analyst advocates HP split  
  2005-02-18 BorderWare signs up with Synnex  
  2005-02-18 Intrinsync aims for mobile convergence  
  2005-02-18 Deloitte predicts top ten trends for 2005  
  2005-02-18 McAfee offers daily DATs  
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