Friday, December 30th, 2005
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ontrack Data Recovery   AOL and Google wrap up billion-dollar deal

America Online on Dec. 20 agreed to sell a 5 percent stake to Google in a $1 billion deal that deepens the ties binding two of the Web's most popular sites while thwarting Microsoft's efforts to grab a larger piece of the booming Internet advertising market.


  CyberMatrix Class Scheduler version 5 unveiled
  Seagate to acquire Maxtor
  Toshiba introduces security camera
  Userful releases DiscoverStation 4.0
  IBM acquires Bowstreet
  IBM to acquire Micromuse

  AOL and Google wrap up billion-dollar deal
  Analysts: Windows Vista Metadata poses security risks
  Covad drops lawsuit against Verizon
  Google’s AOL investment may lead to ’08 IPO
  Lenovo reportedly releasing smartphone
  Massachusetts state IT chief resigns


  McAfee renews contract with MSN
  OPERA to release open powerline specification
  Winternals Recovery Manager 2.0 now certified
  ACD Systems named to Fast 50
  Bell selected for EPC RFID pilot
  Cisco's new data center solutions

  A new way to tell time?
  RFID to combat black-market body trade?
  MyDoom searches Google for new victims
  Even Kazaa employees can't stand the ads
  No such thing as a Free iPod?
  Napster ad gets a resounding "no" from viewers


Swainson leads CA’s reinvention

Las Vegas - John Swainson has certainly put his stamp on CA, and perhaps there’s no better illustration of that than the company’s new push to get partners more involved in the business.


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