I buy a new all in one computer

Nowadays a lot of user buy all in one computers because of their practicality. I completely understand them, it is so much better than laptops or traditional tower PCs.

Their designs is perfect and they look really good in any rooms, also in your home or in your work place.

Recently I invest in a new AIO computer, and I hardly find the best one.

I looked all the site which give advices for the buying process and also have a toplist about the best models.

Unfortunately I found a lot site outdated and giving wrong advices – but luckily I found just a few good sites.

I also read every forum where everyone is complaining about the same problem.

However, one of the board member offered a very good site where you can find all the necessary information and the best all in one computers.

This is the aioguide.com website where the author is a real expert about this topic. (He recommended in the forum his own site :)

Here is how I found the best all in one computer

The website what I recommend has a really good process in the homepage whats are the key point when you pick your AIO pc.

I knew that I need a new Intel processor (i5 or i7) in it because I want to buy for at least 3 years.

I also read a really good thing about SSDs so it was an another requirement when I choose my new computer.

Which was also very important to include a minimum of 8 GB DDR3 of RAM.

One of my computer geek friend also recommended to me the DELL computers earlier, but I check all the relevant options from another manufacturers.

Anyway soon I found the best one which was the Dell Inspiron 2350 – not the cheapest one – but it is worth every penny!

The computer fulfill all my requirements – honestly – even more.

dell allinone computer

Which was very interesting to me  it is really Easy to carry – but that’s just a bonus.

The display of the pc is marvelous – the colors are in another league than my previous monitor.

dell Inspiron 2350 the best all in oneIn summary, I think I made the best decision when I bought this computer, and I feel I am grateful to the above linked page creator!

Here is a good review from YouTube of the computer:

And finally a good overview about the All-on-One pcs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All-in-One_PC

Which intel processor fit with your needs?

I get a lot of questions from my friends, which is the best intel processor right now?

i3, i5 or i7? This is the video what I regullary send it when I get this type of question!